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Hello, I'm Jerniece! Most people call me Niecee, a nickname that I've had all of my life.
I'm a 22 year-old artist born and raised
in Nashville, Tennessee.
In 2021 I took a leap of faith and applied hard work to my vision. I started my own business, Niecee Nails!
Here at Niecee Nails we promote confidence, beauty and self love. I’ve always felt that nails are an expression of who you are and how you feel in the moment.
Your nails can be BOLD, COMPLEX and COLORFUL. Your nails can also be NEUTRAL, SIMPLE, and ANGELIC. Anything you feel or see can be represented through your nails.
I’m just here to help make your vision and mood a reality! 
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Personally I can’t live without my self-care days and I know we can all be so busy we forget how important these days truly are.
I take pride in giving all of my clients a complete, quality nail experience from start to finish.
That’s why here at Niecee Nails you should come ready to relax, laugh, have fun and enjoy your services.
It is an environment where you can express who you truly are.
A judge-free-zone that is a safe place for all women to love themselves as self care is one of the biggest key elements to self love!
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